Brand Profile
Brand Profile

   “Changshengchuan” is one of the Time-honored Brand in Hubei Province.In 1368,He Dehai founded “Changshengchuan”, which is the origin of Hubei chin-brick tea. Since then, a family business began to be connected with this tea brand for generations.

   After the development of loose tea,block tea,pillar tea ,hat-box tea,cake tea and brick tea ,etc, in the long term of involving in tea business, the He family accumulated its brick tea production experience and fermentation techniques. In the middle of Qing dynasty, the He family began to apply lever principle into brick tea pressing, which is the original form of modern Hubei chin-brick tea.
   Because of the good quality and exquisite craftsmanship, “Changshengchuan” became the largest tea merchant in China at that time,it was awarded the royal “Red Dragon Certification” by Qing government. With good markets in Europe, Asia and Africa ,“Changshengchuan” became a major role in the international tea trade, and was well-known as “the treasure of the tea road”.
   Based on the business philosophy of “Good faith is all that matters”, “Changshengchuan” established strong reputations in Qing dynasty,there was a street ballad at the time:“Changshengchuan,a glided gold signboard, granted with ‘Red Dragon Certification’by the emperor,accessing to the world with the imperial power……”.In the peak period , the He family extended their tea business to more than 30 factories, 260 stores, 50 “chuan” brand series around the world, only Yichang brick tea factory had more than 230 workers with annual output  over 5,000 boxes, earned 76,000 silver yuan. Its quality had also been widely praised in the domestic and overseas: in 1909, “Changshengchuan” was awarded the first prize in Wuhan Trade Fair; in 1910,”Changshengchuan” won the first prize during Nanyang Trade Fair; in 1915, “Changshengchuan” was awarded the gold medal in Panama Pacific International Exposition.
   As time flies, after hundred years vicissitudes,“Changshengchuan” becomes the witness of the Hubei chin-brick tea.The He family broke through all kinds of troubles, and handed the old brand down from generation to generation`.
   After the economic reform and opening, the traditional culture and folk crafts got restored and developed. In order to increase people's benefits and rejuvenate the treasure on the tea road in the new era, the descendants of Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea, three siblings from the He family determined to shoulder the great task of ancestors to carry forward “Changshengchuan” Hubei Chin-brick tea’s traditional techniques, and promote the development of tea industry in Hubei.
   After years of well-planned preparation, in 2013, the 19th generation descendant of Changshengchuan Hubei Chin-brick tea,HeJiangang invested Xinding Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, in Yichang, Hubei Province, and established Hubei Changshengchuan Tea Research Institute focusing on renovating the traditional process of tea and its by products by following modern biological pharmaceutical philosophy. Changshengchuan Hubei Chin-brick tea traditional manufacturing techniques have been identified as Yichang intangible culture heritage.Adhering to the business philosophy of “Integrity,Responsibility,Win-win”,replying on the high mountain tea resources in Wuling mountain area of the Yangtze River Basin in the southwest of Hubei Province, the company promotes 30 thousands farmers’ income with more than 50 thousand acres of tea plantations, forms R&D, cultivation, pro-cessing and other industrial chains. Its development effectively contributes to the growth of local tea industry and improves local farmers’ livelihood. 
   Nowadays,China’s “The Belt and Road Initiative”strategy provides a powerful platform for the rejuvenation of “Changshengchuan”.In August 2015,Changshengchuan won the “Golden Camel Prize-China Famous Tea for Century Expo” in 2015 Milan International Exposition. The return of this one-hundred-year glory is not only a witness of its development and persistence,but also a declaration to the world: ”Changshengchuan” will stand in the center of the international stage to shine with the glory of Chinese tea from now on!
   “Changshengchuan”, an ancient brand of Chinese tea, passed down from generation to generation in the past more than 600 years,was striving to realize one dream:share the Hubei chin-brick tea with the world! In the future,Changshengchuan's successors will follow the brilliant footsteps of their ancestors ,and devote themselves to producing more and more Hubei chin-brick tea with high quality for people all over the world !

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